15 must have plumbing tools

15 must have plumbing tools

15 must have tools for plumbers to carry around for their jobs. Learn about each of these tools, their application and why it is necessary for a plumber to handle them.

1. Pipe cutter

Pipe Cutters can cut easily through pipes. They result in a smoother cut compared to a hacksaw and can be used in tight spaces which makes them ideal for plumbing use. Some pipe cutters are not adjustable so it’s advisable to get the ones with the most common diameters of copper piping.

2. Plunger

The most common tool which in fact every household & plumber should have. It has a simple & effective design and is inexpensive. Plungers are of different shapes and sizes. Every plumber should carry two sets of plungers, one for the toilet and one for the kitchen sink.

3. Adjustable pipe wrench

An Adjustable Pipe Wrench is another common tool to carry for a plumber. It has the ability to turn pipes and fittings with a rounded surface and around tight circular edges. Its adjustable jaws can hold on to the object with significant tightness and can sometimes be the solution when it comes to removing stuck pipes or when a nut or bolt loses its thread. A necessary tool.

4. Flashlight

Perhaps the most common & basic tool to carry for every plumber. They are cheap and are handy to carry around and can come in handy when plumbing has to be done in unforeseen circumstances and in unexplored areas of the house. A flashlight is particularly effective when tracing back leaks & pipe damages in poorly lit areas.

5. Clawhammer

The basic tool for every plumber. Clawhammer has a blunt end for striking & a tooth end for removing tough nails and rusted screws.

6. Metal file

The purpose is to smooth out the edges of sharp metal pipes. They are of different sizes, and it’s recommended to have a half-round file and a rat-tail file for plumbing. Half-round files have rounded and flat surfaces, while a rat-tail file is round and tapered.

7. Thread seal tape

Also known as plumber’s tape or PTFE tape, thread seal tape helps prevent leaks at threaded plumbing joint connections.
This inexpensive tape can be used for a number of projects in plumbing. It can be used on shower heads & water line connections.

8. Hand auger

Hand Auger is mainly used when a plunger can’t handle the clog or the clog is just too deep. A hand auger uses a hand crank to push a metal wire through the drains of tubs, showers, or sinks in order to clear them of clogs. Hand Auger should not be used for flushing toilet bowls but rather a closet auger or a toilet auger can be used.

9. Telescopic tube cutter

Another must-have tool for every plumber is the Adjustable Tube Cutter. It can cut pipes and tubing 6 – 35mm in thickness, ideal for work where the circular pipe cutter can’t manage. I can produce a clean cut when used on a copper pipe.

10. Adjustable spanner

Adjustable Spanners are extremely useful tools for any worker and are very essential for a plumber. They are easily adjusted with a flick of the thumb and once set, the jaws will remain at their set width. They are used to turn nuts, bolts, and fastenings. You need to buy at least a pair in order to tighten compression joints without twisting the pipework.

11. Bucket

A bucket is easily the most simple and effective piece of equipment in plumbing. It is especially useful when there is a leak or when there is an unexpected water flow. There are a wide variety of sizes in buckets and their durability varies. It is always best for a plumber to have a bucket of reasonable size and durability.

12. Pressure tester

As a plumber, it is necessary to check the pressure in pipes. A simple pressure tester tool will allow you to do this. There will be plenty of leaks when pipe pressure goes untested. Multiple buckets will be required.

13. Inspection camera

Inspection cameras are especially useful when finding out blockages in areas where a plumber can’t reach. It is not necessary but plays a key role in certain plumbing jobs.

14. Cordless combi drill

This tool can drive screws as well as drill holes. Especially useful when fitting pipes. A cordless combi drill is powerful, interchangeable, rechargeable and easy to use. This is a standard equipment for any worker.

15. Jigsaw

The jigsaw is particularly useful for plumbers because it allows the user to cut arbitrary patterns and irregular shapes, extremely handy when you need to cut a hole for a new pipe fitting or gain access to pipework via the floorboards.

Call in the professionals

All of the tools mentioned above require some knowledge of when & where to be used and some of them require a professional to handle them. That is why it is always best to call in a professional plumbing service for your plumbing needs whether it be toilet repair or even a pool filter installation.

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