Why Does My Heater Come on When System is Set to Cool

Are you turning your air conditioner on in the summer and notice that even though it is running, your house is not being cooled? Has your electric bill spiked recently? If so, then your heater may be turning on even though your HVAC system is set to cool This is an annoying problem, not only because you are going to be paying a higher electric bill but also because your house is not cool! So what is going wrong and how do you fix it?

Issue #1: Thermostat Connection is Broken

One thing that may be happening is that the connection from your thermostat to your AC unit may be disconnected. This can be from faulty wiring or a short out. What can happen is that because the connection is broken it does not matter that you are pressing cool on your thermostat, there is no way for the AC unit to know what you are trying to do. If your unit was the last set to heat, it might then turn the heater on instead of the AC unit. There are a variety of reasons why this happens, but a heating and cooling expert can get everything fixed up for you.

Issue #2: A Faulty Thermostat

While most problems should be diagnosed by an HVAC professional, you can check to see if your thermostat is faulty and needs a quick, easy fix. For example, you could be having all of these heating and cooling issues simply because your thermostat has lost power. Before you call anyone to come in and look at your thermostat, you will want to check that the batteries are still working. If the screen on your thermostat is blank, you may have tripped a breaker, which is also an easy fix. The worst case is that you have a defective thermostat, in which case you will need to get the unit replaced with a new one.

Issue #3: Furnace Electrical Problems

You can have issues with the thermostat and the connection, but sometimes you can have an issue with the furnace itself. The blower inside of your furnace is in charge of circulating air throughout your home even in the summer when you are circulating cold air. A furnace has an incredibly complex network of wires and a circuit board to control its function. If there is a malfunction in these circuit boards, then your heater may start to misfire and will heat your home when it is receiving the instruction to cool.

So What Do You Do?

No matter which one these issues you are experiencing, you should not be handling it yourself unless already work for an HVAC company yourself. If you are having problems with heating and cooling, and need an AC repair, then call the team at Hilltop Plumbing. We do gas fireplace repair, AC repair, and furnace repair and can get your heating and cooling system back up to a

working condition so that you save money and can enjoy your home once again. Do not suffer in the heat this summer, call us today!

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