Air Conditioner Maintenance and Home Comfort Tips

Your air conditioner is the biggest reason why your home is comfortable throughout the year. If it works perfectly, it really doesn’t matter how high the temperature is in the summer months or how low it is in winters. But if it is not in good condition, you’re done! Not only is your home uncomfortable but discomfort doesn’t allow you to rest, relax or sleep. The threat of a worn out air conditioner is dangerous for your body and peace of mind. Get the most out of your AC system with these valuable tips.

Save Money: An inefficient air conditioner can cost you a lot. To keep it energy efficient, you need to sign up for an annual maintenance plan.
● Change Air Filter: Your air filter attracts a lot of dust and dirt when it runs. If it is not cleaned and changed, you could lose over 5% of your air conditioning efficiency.
● Avoid Expensive Repairs: If your air conditioner is well maintained, it can help you avoid expensive repairs later.
● Beat Hot Sticky Summers: However hot and sticky summer is, you keep your cool with a well functioning air conditioner. The same applies for the latter part of the year. However cold it is outside, you enjoy the best temperature at home.

Why suffer? Here’s what you can do to ensure your AC lasts you in good condition for years.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Annual AC Inspection: Call AC professionals at least once a year to make sure your air conditioner is in good working condition. If you don’t do so, the lifespan gets shortened and your investment is affected. Isn’t it better to spend a little on its health than incurring heavy expenses on a new one later? The best time to get it fixed is at the beginning of the summer season. If you missed it, just get it done now before winter sets in. Better late than never.

Replace Furnace Filters: It is a good idea to clean or replace furnace filters every three months. There are more dust and grime in the air than you know. It all gets clogged in the filter, endangering the health of your family. If you have children, allergic members or ailing seniors, you have all the more reason to change filters frequently. Changing filters allows your AC to work better using lesser energy.

Clean Around the Condenser Unit: The condenser unit is located outside your home. It’s easy to see why this needs regular cleaning. The placement makes it prone to accumulating dust and debris around the area that could obstruct airflow from the condenser fan. Clean it well. Trim grass or weed that grows around the area. Make sure the outdoor unit releases warm air. If it does not, the unit can overheat and break down.

Close Blinds and Drapes: To keep your home cool and reduce energy bills, try not to keep your air conditioner on when you are away. Close blinds and drapes on south and west facing windows to trap the cool air.

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