Furnace Maintenance Tips

Fall is just around the corner. As you start feeling the nip in the air, you need to look at your furnace to wake it up from hibernation. Timely maintenance can save you costly repair expenses later. It is really not that difficult to service your furnace. It helps to remember that when your heating or cooling system malfunctions, the cause is usually one of these three components: temperature control source, distribution or thermostat.

Check the source of the malfunction. Either the furnace has lost connection to power or the fuel is not reaching the unit or perhaps the fuel (gas or oil) may not be igniting. To ensure each component operates smoothly, here are some simple inspections you could do yourself between professional annual checks.

Thermostat Inspection

If you have an old furnace, check the thermostat. Is it turning on and off too quickly or overheating the room? There could be an issue with the thermostat. Call an HVAC technician to have it checked for repairs.

Filter Replacement

Do you change or clean the filter in your furnace? It gets clogged with dust, dirt and everything else that enters the furnace. There are several filters available in the market. Alternately, call an HVAC technician to have the clogged filter replaced professionally with a new one.

Check the Vent and Furnace Ducts

Not all damages can be easily fixed. If the damages are extensive, it is best to replace your furnace with a new one. Blocked vents can cause air obstruction, uneven heating and leaks. Your furnace is used for long hours so it is best to add cleaning to your monthly task list to keep it operating smoothly. Some furnaces are bear the main entrance. Others have fuses mounted within or outside the unit. Check the RESET button if the unit has one. If it is not working, wait 30 minutes and hit the RESET button again, once or twice.

Power Connection

If your furnace has simply stopped working, first check the power source. Is it properly connected and turned on? Are there any blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers? If there is a separate power switch, see if that is turned on. Have a look at the thermostat and the setting. Increase it by 5ºC to turn up the heat.

If the unit uses gas, check to see if the gas supply is turned on and the pilot light is lit. If you smell gas, shut off the gas and turn the lights on or off. If you suspect a leak, move away from

the house and call the gas company or fire department. Check to see if there is sufficient oil if it uses oil. If you are unsure, call an HVAC professional to check the furnace thoroughly.

Call Hilltop Plumbing & Heating for Annual AC Maintenance

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